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Who We Are

We are a team of physicians + healthcare and technology experts driven to provide real value for you and your practice.

We help you realize value and mitigate risk. Physicians need stable revenue streams and smart tools to adapt to the new “abnormal” of health care delivery. As physicians and healthcare experts ourselves, we realized that most existing management services organizations (MSOs) are antiquated in today’s healthcare environment – and fail to deliver meaningful benefit to physicians. Our overall goal is to help you maintain independence, focus on caring for patients and grow your practice – because you deserve better.

We’ve brought technology up to your level. We came together as Physicians Plus (a VSO) to equip physicians with next-generation tools and services they need to successfully manage risk. We are committed to negotiating favorable contract terms with payers and ensuring that you capture the benefits of the value you create.

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Our Goals

Delivering real value in today’s ever-changing healthcare climate.

Achieve best possible health outcomes and experiences for your patients - and you

Maximize economics for aligned physicians with the value we generate

Provide a customized solution set and economic terms to meet you where you are

Enhance performance by using actionable data to drive decisions

Invest in change management to align providers

Strengthen and grow meaningful partnerships with payers

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Our Differentiators

You are innovating every day. Your support system should be, too.

Transformation services
that allow practices to thrive in value-based care, including staff and provider education, and population health management

Cutting-edge technology, data, and analytics
to support quality gap closure, accurate risk coding, enhanced utilization and care management, and advanced reporting capabilities

Provider- and patient-oriented approach
to healthcare navigation, delivery, and experience driven by proprietary analytics

Growing “learning lab” of elite provider partners
focused on value-based care delivery in evolving markets across the country

Full transparency
on bonus criteria and accounting using market-leading profit-sharing with providers along with local physician leadership.

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What We Offer

We offer a next-generation platform to transform care delivery.

Physicians Plus offers a comprehensive range of services to support your practice in transitioning to risk-based contracts. We are more than a back-office and administrative shop – we provide smart tools and technologies to build revenue and boost performance.

Clinical Performance Solutions

Clinical Performance Solutions

  • Care Management
  • Patient Management
  • Utilization Management
Network and Contracting

Network and Contracting

  • Network Build and Optimization
  • Value-Based Contracting and Negotiation
Financial and Administrative Platform

Financial and Administrative Platform

  • Claims Administration
  • Risk Adjustment
  • Delegation Oversight
Population Health Platform

Population Health Platform

  • Risk Stratification
  • Clinical, Financial, and Administrative
  • Reporting and Workflows
  • Provider Engagement

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